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The New Way to Spoof Caller ID

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We value your privacy at Spoof My Number and is the main reason why we only accept Bitcoins and Litecoins for Payment processing. This will ensure that no records can be compromised from our servers which detail your purchasing identity. We only require an email which is used as your login details and a way to reset your password if you ever forget it. Spoof My Number will not contact you or provide your email to any third parties. Spoof My Number requires a warrant supported by probable cause prior to handing over the content of user communications. Therefore, while we receive informal requests or inquiries from law enforcement around the world, we have yet to receive a single formal law enforcement/government request for information regarding our users or their accounts. Should this change anytime in the future, we will update the above paragraph.
Caller ID Spoofing is perfectly legal all over the world. Spoof My Numbers is not aware of any country that bans caller ID spoofing.
Spoof My Numbers offers a unique service that allows you to text a receipient and have it appear as a random number each time you text them. In addition, users will be able to reply back to those texts and you will be able to see them under the SMS History page. The numbers that the receipient sees are chosen at random and are continualy recycled.